Our fields

Our services

Our assembled experience accompanied by the proactive and professional solutions we offer to our clients has helped in reinforcing our reputation as a leading company in the management of general contracting, construction engineering, and project implementation. This has contributed to enhancing our ability to deliver utter engineering projects from A to Z in record time with full actions of public safety.


Civil Works

Civil works we supervise through the projects we implement are considered one of the fundamental arms within our purview. This is where we have extensive experience in designing and building various civil engineering projects while ensuring efficiency and quality, and applying safety actions at work to the fullest.

Fields of work:
EarthWorks | Concrete Works | Masonry Works | Metal Works | Waterproofing Works | Doors & Windows | Finishing Works | Site Development | Asphalt Works.


Steel Structure and Erection Works

Our services in this sector cover planning, engineering and manufacturing to buildings erection, monitoring safety actions, evaluating worksites and determining safer operations; to avoid accidents and reduce risks for all projects we receive, whether they are small-scale structures or large industrial warehouses.

Fields of work:
Pre-Engineering Steel Building | Steel Structure Building and Space Frames.


Mechanical Works

As we invest intensively and systematically in our human resources of engineers and technicians, they devote their experience and creativity potential to satisfy our clients’ requirements and solve their challenges in the mechanical business sector. Our services have a complementary role in helping our clients overcome these challenges that have a burden on their budgets and drain their resources.

Fields of work:
Air conditioning and ventilation system for industrial, commercial and domestic facilities | Refrigeration Systems | Plumbing Systems | Irrigation Systems | Firefighting Systems | Compressed Air Systems | Natural Gas Systems | Steam Systems | Elevators.


Electrical Works

We offer our clients the elite of our expertise in generation, transmission and distribution as electrical works are the lifeblood of any project we implement. We are also on a mission to improve the quality of the projects we are working on so that we can keep pace with today’s world of development in the telecommunications, technology and energy sectors.

Fields of work:
All Electrical works for industrial, commercial and Resedantal buildings. | Distribution Stations. | High and Medium Voltage Overhead Lines. | High and Medium Voltage Protection Relays, Circuit Breakers, CTs and VTs. | Grounding and Lightning Systems. | Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Transformers and Generators. | Supply and Installation of Cables and Main Feeders. | Fire Alarms Systems. | Low Current System: network & fiber optic cables, communication and telephone systems. | CCTV and Control Systems. | Gates and Access Control Systems. | Building Management Systems. | Programmable Logic Controller. | Street Lighting Systems and Area Lighting.